Monday, January 10, 2011

2 page layouts

Yeah Buddy! I have been possessed by my scrapbooking. Just turning out the pages. I am almost finished with my son's football season book from last fall. I loved this page it started out simple just pictures and that big title I made from my cricut. I'm excited how many pictures I got on these pages. I love the little things in the same color as the background. It adds interest without taking away from the photos.  I had some great help with pictures of the games. We had a photo student with a cheerleader daughter who took most of these, Donna Mcmurray. The leather cord and coach charm are from the jewelry making section of Micheals.
Scrap on! I'm enjoying this snow break to get caught up!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

High-jack a photo

This is officially scrapbook season for me. I saw this picture and thought, I want that picture, I must have it to scrapbook. I need to effect my crafting powers on this photo and make it mine. I met the people in this photo and basically talked them out of this picture. I high-jacked it. It wasn't under the cover of night. But it HAD to happen. So now I have this beautiful page, I'm going to blog about it and mail it back. And hope they love it as much as I do.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hey ! I'm back! Miss me? I have been inspired by The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, to make homemade cinnamon rolls!! OH people, they are perfect. Yummy, stop by and have one!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

ATSDTC51 All That Scraps Wed. Challenge

Hey, Just gotta use the free download Crystal drew of this cutie pie doggie. He looked sheepish to me, like he messed something up. Oh like skipping a birthday. The challenge over at All That Scraps was to use the grid technique. That sounding like fun,also. Here's that entry.... I made up the sentiment. And isn't that paw print brad cute? Didn't have a ATS stamp. Hope that's OK?


I got an award, first one ever, from Crystal. She's one of my favorite bloggers, because she always makes me smile. She even tackles hard issues with an upbeat attitude. Part of this award is to tell 10 things about me.

1.I got bucked off a horse I'm breaking on Monday, twice(because cowgirls get back on). I laughed right away because I didn't get hurt, just bruises, everywhere.

2. My father has stage 4 malignant melanoma. He is doing very very well right now.

3. My inlaws raised the nicest person in the world, and I'm married to him.

4. We are raising two wild boys, who I hope will someday be great men.

5. I would do anything my family asked me to.

6. I love gadgets,ipods, computers, blue tooth, modems, printers, dslr cameras, all of it!

7. I scrap to remember my life, and those close to me. I like to show my kids how proud I am of them.

8. I GREW up and don't read People mag, complain about the weather, or whine about not having enough of anything, because I am a very lucky girl.

9. I buy expensive cowboy boots, and wear them with everything, and to everything, including,weddings,funerals,plays in the city, everywhere.

10. I am amazed and happy with the new friends I've made by blogging, I cherish these cyber friendships!!

Thanks again Crystal!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Scrappy Sunday Challenge

Over at Papercraftplanet they have so many great challenges. I like the Scrappy Sunday Challenge because that seems to be a day that I don't feel guilty about scrapping. There's also a little prize on this one from Scrappadies. so that would be cool to win. sb053109 is the tag over there.


I loved the colors that Shawne used for the CDSWCC22. They are grey and pink. I have a 30 year old grey gelding I grew up with. His mother died giving birth, so my brother and I bottlefed him when I was 8. He followed us around the yard, and chased our bicycles. He's a crusty old kinda bosy horse now. But when I was 12 we rode him everyday all summer long. I like this card for my gf who always rode with me and I will save it for her birthday.