Monday, May 4, 2009

Hobby Lobby Heaven

I got caught up, and since I'm only 25 minutes from Hobby Lobby at this farm, i snuck away. tip toe tip toe, top secret mission....(sometimes you gotta turn off the cell phone)..... I hit the mother load. All the charms in the jewelry area were 50 % off. Also in that area are rinestones, which is why I really went in. To fix my western purse that lost some bling. Really, I should post a picture of all I bought. Got carried away! And one of the coolest things was these totes in red animal print to match my car, for $4.00. Love it. It's a good thing this store is 100 miles from me normally, because I can't control myself there.

Going out to mow lawn. bfn cowgirls!(bye for now)
I just looked to the right, Shawne from the CDS challenge at Paper Craft Planet is spotlighting my card!! YeeHaw, that's an honor, and from a great artist. Thanks Shawne.
Now really, computer sleep, got to mow, or maybe fence it in so I have more time to stamp!! and the horses would be REALLY close to the house, better to look at to color. hehehe


  1. That's awesome, Codi Jo! It always feels so good to get a deal ;D Congrats on being showcased. . .you TOTALLY deserved that. Your card was so super cute. Have fun mowing and I hope you find some time to craft ;D

  2. Great score and congrats on being showcased!! That totally rocks!!!